Should I Even Try To Fix This Pellet Stove?

I just obtained an e-mail the other day from a man that has an older pellet stove looking for some substitute components. His concern to me was should he even bother trying to repair it or just buy a new stove.

This is a terrific concern and perhaps one you’re considering today. A salesperson would certainly tell you that the old stove will certainly simply keep breaking and also you ought to get a brand-new one. Well, certainly he’s going to state that since that is the only way for him to earn cash. I, on the other hand, only make money when you acquire components so I’m mosting likely to tell you the specific opposite. That can you rely on?

Right here is the truth. If there is a brand-new pellet stove that you actually go like, go buy it! Do not invest a dollar on fixing a stove that you do not such as or that doesn’t work well for your circumstance. Nonetheless, if one pellet stove is just as good as one more to you and also you have a basic mechanical understanding, repair it!

Here is why. Pellet ovens are extremely straightforward devices. They are absolutely nothing like an auto or computer. They have lest than a lots components that can go bad and also there are normally only 4 components that ever before spoil. These are:

The Auger Electric motor
The Exhaust/Combustion Fan/Blower
The Convection Follower
The Motherboard

As long as you can obtain the parts you need you will invest method much less money on repairing your stove. The truth is that there is no warranty that a brand-new stove will not have any problems. I’ve seen lots of brand-new stoves break as well as there’s absolutely nothing even worse than having something new break and also not work even if it is under warranty.

Pellet ranges are built out of really thick steel that will certainly last for a very long time. The motors and electronic devices are a lot more fragile and will should be changed periodically. As long as you could get these the stove will virtually last for life. The pellet stove beside me aware on top of this blog is Two Decade old and also still going! I can still obtain components for it and deal with any kind of problem with it rather merely.

In summary if you do not like just what you have or cannot obtain components, go acquire a brand-new one. But if you like it as well as could obtain parts and also have a standard mechanical knowledge, just repair it …


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